June daily prayer

30 June 2020

Day 2
Thy KINGDOM Come (Matt 6 vs 10,Luke11v 2)
In GOD’s Kingdom there is No Death, No Pain ,No Sorrow ,No suffering ,No Social Injustice,No worries ,No Hatred ,No Malice ,No Favouritism(Rev 21vs4-5).We would all love to live in such a world .For us to live in such a world ,the kingdom of God must come into our hearts as  GOD’s kingdom is a spiritual world where God rules .GOD’s Kingdom is not of this world (John18v36) Seek  first  His Kingdom   and His righteousness ,and all these things will be given to you as well.(Matt 6 vs 33)


Prayer points


1, pray to GOD to have mercy on us ,send us the Holy Spirit so that we experience GOD,s Kingdom within ourselves ,in order to have peace that comes from above that surpasses all understanding(phillipians4v 7)
2, Today as we go about doing our business let’s  become a reflection of GOD’s Kingdom ,by the way we Act, Talk ,Behave ,React to difficult situations and our general outlook let the world see in us the image of GOD’s Kingdom
3,In our relationships especially among the Brethren , show the true reflection of what the Kingdom is about(John 13v35) by loving one another
4, pray that the Kingdom Comes soon so that we are protected from the evil one ,iniquity ,challenges e.g pandemics ,illnesses .WE pray that when all this happens we are in Good standing with the Lord through the intervention of the Holy Spirit and the intersession on our behalf by GOD’s Son Jesus Christ
Stay blessed

29 June 2020

The Lord’s Prayer
Day 1
Our FATHER who art in HEAVEN hallowed be thy name  (Matthew 6 vs9;Luke 11v 2)
Today before we present our petitions ,Let us  acknowledge who our GOD is .In the beginning GOD created the Heavens and the Earth (Gen 1v1)The first Commandment says ‘’ I am the Lord your God---you shall have no other gods before me---’’Exodus 20 vs 1-4.GOD is Omnipresent and knows us all even the number of our hairs(Matt 10v30,Luke12vs7)He knew us before we were born(Jeremiah1v5)GOD knows your needs even before you ask(Matt6v8)


Prayer Points
1,Let us pray to God our FATHER the creator of all things ,to open our hearts and minds to appreciate his GREATNESS ,his SPLENDOR ,his LOVE and GRACE remembering that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom(prov 9v 10).
2,Let us give God all the Praise and adoration ,worshipping HIM  ALONE as we pray
3,Let us give thanks to GOD for All he has done for you and me ,Let us pray and say Ebenezar  you have taken us this far(1 Samuel 7vs12)
4,As we go out today let us pray to the FATHER that our names be found in the book of Life and be those who shall be called his own and who will have eternal life with him in HEAVEN
Have a blessed day

26 June 2020

Day 6

Exodus 20:17 "Do not desire another man's house, do not desire his wife, his slaves, his cattle, his donkeys or anything else that he owns". 

* Let us not be lead to a destructive sin, let us be satisfied with what God gave us in different measure. 

#Satisfaction #Respect #LoveGOD #LoveOneAnother #ConstantlyPray


Prayer Points
1. God help us to guard our hearts against committing sin.
2. Always thank God for who we are and what we have. 
3. Ask God to be with us in every step we take in everything we do.
4. Thank God for guarding our footsteps and being with us from the beginning of our journey and forever amen. 

》 Deuteronomy 5:3

Obey them all, so that everything will go well with you and so that you will continue to live in the land that you are to occupy. 



25 June 2020

Day 4: As we continue walking the Christian path our steps being guided by the 10 commandments. 

Exodus 20:8
- Remember to keep holy the Lord’s day. The sabbath day is the day set aside to honour God and to acknowledge our relationship with God. 
- The time to draw closer to him through study of his word (Sunday School), prayer time, praise and worship, sharing his word – preaching fellowship. Hebrews 10:25


Prayer Points
- God help us to observe his day of worship and keep it holy. 
- Study your word with understanding and not only reading but be doers of your word. 
- Commit ourselves and time to please the Lord.
- Above all thank God for providing Zoom platform services during lockdown. 



24 June 2020

Day 3

Matthew 22:39
* The second most important commandment is like it “Love your neighbour as you love yourself”.
- When we love God it does not end there we have to love others. “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself”
* Then God’s love is brought to full expression.


Prayer Points
1. God help us to embrace each other, not only from our faith but everyone.
- Ask God to give us his eye to see his beloved creation as he does. 
- Ask God for his forgiveness in doing wrong to others
- Pray for each other’s circumstances
- God help us to be of good heart, generous and non judgemental

John 15:12 “My commandment is this, love one another, just as I love you”.



23 June 2020

Day 2

Whilst we strive to walk in the right path and stay focussed, we need to observe the commandments as our guidelines.
▪︎> Matthew 22:37-38 (Jesus answered, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the greatest and the most important commandment.)


Prayer Points
1. Pray that nothing will separate us from the love of God even if we are faced with difficulties, we stay focussed.
2. In good times lets appreciate God. Give thanks to the almighty for the gift of life and overcoming diseases. 
3. God help us to guide our hearts, for everything we do flows from it. 



22 June 2020

Day 1 : Romans 8 vs 1-2

1)    There is no condemnation now for those who live in union with Christ Jesus. 
2)    For the law of the spirit which brings us life in union with Christ Jesus, has set me free from the law of sin and death. 
* When walking the Christian path, where Christ leads us, we will follow. 

Prayer Points
1. Pray that we are not mislead and take the wrong path to sin.
2. Pray that all things we do Jesus may be seen in us

Jeremiah 33:3 Brethren let us call upon the Lord to show us the right path. 



Sunday 21 June

*Day 7*


Church in  Laodicea.

There are no positive things said about this church.
The church was lukewarm. It was neither hot nor cold. There is no room for neutrality. If religion is worthy anything it is worthy everything. As lukewarm water turns the stomach and provokes to a vomit lukewarm Christians turn the heart of Christ against them. That's why He says   He will eject them out of His mouth.


Prayer points 

We pray against lukewarm state and  we pray against self conceitness or self delusion caused by indifference.
Indifference causes poor people to think they are rich, it causes souls to starve in the midst of gospel abundance. People become blind and cannot see Christ and are naked and thus need a garment of justification and sanctification.

We pray that we heed the counsel given by Christ. He counsels sinners to buy gold tried in the fire that they maybe rich. (1:Peter 1 vs 7 ).


We pray for God's chastening. For as many as I love I rebuke and chasten.(Rev 3 Vs 19 ). King David was chastened when he plotted to kill Uriah.(2 Samuel 11 Vs 15 ) . He repented and said- -against Thee have I sinned,  create in me a new heart.(Psalm 51 ). We thus pray for the spirit of acknowledging our sins and repenting from them.


We pray against the spirit of self sufficiency so that we may come to Christ with poverty and emptiness and He fills us with the hidden treasure. This is the greatest value in the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 13 Vs 44 ).

May the Lord remove our filthy rags and clothe us with His white garment of righteousness. ( Isaiah 64 vs 6 ).


Christ is standing at the door and knocking we pray the Holy Spirit to let our hearts open so He may dine with us.
May we like Mephibosheth who dined at king David's table dine at the Lord's table forever more.(2: Samuel 9 Vs 7 ).

When Christ finds a closed heart He does not withdraw immediately but He waits to be let in. Those who open to Him shall enjoy His presence as He sups with them.
May we sup with Him forever more as we journey in this world and in the world to come, of which He says in my father's house are many mansions. (John 14 Vs 1 to 2 ).


We pray to be more than conquerors in the spiritual warfare. In  time these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.( Romans 8 vs 37 ).

#End of the seven churches.
#Be blessed.
#B. Dube.

Saturday 20 June

*Day 6*


The church in Philadelphia.

Jesus has the key of David. The key gives control of David's domain which is Jerusalem and Jesus is the ruler of new Jerusalem.  He opens and no man shuts and He shuts and no man opens. He opens a door of opportunity for His churches. He opens the heart of believers. When He pleases He shuts the door of opportunity against workers of iniquity. The door is still open for us brethren as we still have the means of grace presented to us. After lockdown technology and brethren brought the means of grace to our living rooms.

The church of Philadelphia had little strength and grace. True grace though weak has divine approval but as believers we should not be satisfied by little but we should aim to grow.

Christ was to make enemies of the church subject to the church and worship at their feet.(the church).

Because of their patience they were to be kept from temptations. Those who keep the gospel shall be kept by Christ in the hour of temptation.
The church was encouraged to hold fast to the treasure they had. Our saviour promises a glorious reward to the victorious believer.


Prayer points .


We pray that we fully utilise the door of opportunity opened to us so that we are not lost in the end. May the doors of our hearts be opened so that we seek the face of God rather than earthly treasures which perish.

We also pray for doors of opportunity to be opened for us as we journey in this world so that we are the head and never the tail in our daily lives and endeavours. May we be blessed for the work of our hands so that we are comfortable in this world as we journey to ertenity.


We pray for patience and understanding bestowed on the old church of Philadelphia to be our inheritance so that it keeps us from temptation , just like it did for the old church.


We pray for favour that our enemies can see that we are favoured by God, and we serve a living God, so that like the psalmist we can boldly say .. You prepare a table before my enemies .  You annoint my head with oil and my  cup overflows . (Psalm 23 vs 5)


We pray to overcome because of the promise made. Him that overcometh  l  will make him a pillar in the temple of my God. This is a pillar not to support the temple but it's a monument of grace of God which will never be defeated nor removed. (Rev 3: 12 ). Jesus shall write on the overcomer the name of His God and the name of the city of His God which is new Jerusalem.
(Isaiah 56:5 )- -   I will give them an everlasting name that shall not be cut off. In John 14 Vs 1 we are promised many mansions . If we
 overcome these mansions will be our dwelling place.
When the trumpet blows and the new Jerusalem comes down may it be our dwelling place.

# Amen.
#The seven churches.
#B. Dube.

Friday 19 June

Day 5


The church in Sardis.

The message was sent by Christ having the Holy Spirit without measure and in perfection. Christ had the seven stars and 7 angels of the churches.
The church was flourishing.  It didn't have divisions.
The church was reprooved for hypocrisy and a lamentable decay in religion.
Everything about the church appeared well in the eyes of men.The church was degenerate.

The Lord advised the church to watch against sin and satan. The Lord was to come like a thief, without warning. The church's works were hollow and empty. The church was to hold fast to what they heard when they first knew Christ.

 Prayer points .


When Christ leaves people he comes to them in judgement. We are a chosen people, may we wisely use the Christ office of salvation not of judgement, because when He becomes a judge all avenues of mercy will have been removed.


Those who walk with Christ walk with Him in robes of honour and glory. A purity of grace will be rewarded with a purity of glory. Christ will confess the names of the faithful before God and angels and their names will not be blot out of the book of life. 

We pray brethren that this be our portion to see God in His glory.

We pray for the guidance and receiving of the Holy Spirit and we pray for Christ not to depart from us as a church.


We pray against the spirit oh being hollow. We pray to be kernels and not just the shell.

We pray for the ultimate goal to be preserved until the last honour, until we sit with Christ in ertenity. He said He is going to prepare a place for us.( John 14 Vs 3).


The church of Sardis was united we pray for unification in our church. Christ is the true vine and we are the branches. May the Holy Spirit enable us to feed from the vine.(John15 v1).


#The seven churches.

Thursday 18 June 

*Day 4*

The church in Thytira.

The words to the church were sent by the son of God having eyes like a flame of fire and feet like fine brass. His eyes signify the piercing insight into all persons and all things. His feet are like fine brass as He judges with perfect wisdom, so He acts with perfect strength and steadiness.
The church was commended for its charity, service, faith, patience and growing fruitfulness.

Their last works were better than the first. Shouldn't this be the earnest desire and ambition of all Christians (us included ) that last works are better than the first works.
The church was reprooved because of sexual impurity. They tried to seduce the children of God into fornication and into offering sacrifices to idols.

They were given space to repent but they repented not. The seducers were to be cast into a bed of pain and their children killed with death.(the second death).

 *Prayer* *points* .


There was a promise of reward to the persevering victorious believer.They were to be given the morning star. Christ is the morning star. He brings day light into the soul of a believer. He also brings light of grace and glory.
(2 Peter1 Vs 19).- - as alight that shines in a dark place until the day dawns and the morning star arises in your hearts.

Can we pray for this promise as well brethren. Hallelujah.

We pray for our last works to be remembered and for them to be better than the first works.


We pray against the spirit of Jezebel in our church. This is the spirit of seducing servants of God. Samson was destroyed by Delilah after he fell for her physical beauty and he failed to read her mind. (Judges 13-16). We pray against such temptations as a church.


We pray for God to notice our works. We know salvation is by grace and not by works but God noticed the works of this church. We pray that God notices our good works in the church and community.


We pray against generational curses caused by our forefathers because in Exodus 20 vs 5 God says I am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the 3rd and 4th generation of them that hate me.

We notice in Rev 3 Vs 23 Jezebel's children were killed with the second death We pray against falling into such a predicament.

#The seven churches.
#B. Dube.

Wednesday 17 June

Day 3

Church in Pergamos.

The church was infested with men of corrupt minds and was planted where satan's seat was. Christ was to fight them by sword of His word which is two edged. It has favourable consequences for those who obey and unfavourable consequences for those who disobey. Brethren may we be slashed by the right side of the sword and His word has effect in our lives.

The church was commended for its steadfastness and it was not ashamed of it's relation with Jesus. It was reproved for its sin full failures.
There was a call for the church to repent. Those who sin together should repent together. When God punishes corrupt members of a church He rebukes the whole church for allowing such to continue in its communion.


 Prayer points 

There was a promise of great favour for those who overcome. Can this favour be promised to us as well. They were promised the hidden manna. This is  the influences and comforts of the spirit of Christ coming down from heaven into the souls of His people from time to time just like manna came down from heaven to feed the children of Israel.Brethren may this be our portion in the mighty name of Jesus.(the manner is hidden from the rest of the world except God's, people).


There was a promise of a white stone with a new name engraved on it. May our names be written on the white stone. The white stone represents the absolution from the guilty of sin. This probably alluded from the ancient custom of giving a white stone to those acquitted on a trial and a black one to those found guilty. If the son sets us free, we are free indeed. (John 8 v 36). The blood of Jesus has purged our conscience from dead works to serve a living God. (Hebrews 9vs14.) If God be for us who can be against us. (Romans 8 vs 31.)


We pray for the word of God to pierce our hearts. (Proverbs 5 v 4.) For the word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword piercing even to the dividing asunder  of soul and spirit and of the joints and the marrow and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

We pray for steadfastness as a church. May we be as stead fast as Abraham, the father of faith and a friend of God. He was called from his land of birth to a land of promise and when God asked him to sacrifice his only son he obeyed. God gave us His only begotten son to die for our sins. 
May the faith and steadfastness of the early Apostles dwell in us. They were steadfast in what they believed in even if faced with persecution and death.

#The seven churches.
#B. Dube.

Tuesday 16 June


Day 2

Church in Smyrna


Jesus is the first and the last. The alpha and omega. He was dead and is alive, and He forever makes intercession for His people. (Romans 8 vs 27 and 34.)
The church had a rich spiritual state. They were rich in faith and good works. They were physically poor but spiritually rich. Brethren shouldn't we strive for that state to be spiritually rich.

Jesus was aware of their tribulation and porvety. He takes a particular notice of their troubles. He was aware of the wickedness and falsehood of their enemies.
They were to have tribulation for ten days. This was to try them and not to destroy them. If they were faithful to death they were to be crowned with a crown of life, to reward their poverty, fidelity and conflict. Thus they will only suffer the first death and not the second and this is true to all God's children.


Prayer points 

We pray for spiritual richness in our church. To worship God in truth and in spirit.(John 4 vs 24).


We pray for God Almighty to be aware of our particular tribulation, each one of us by name. We thus pray for God to hear our cry against this pandemic and heal the earth of the virus. May the blood of Jesus wash away the tribulation caused by this pandemic. 

We also pray for a time frame to be given to this pandemic so that it doesn't last forever, just like the old church was given 10 days of tribulation.

We pray for God to protect us against future trials and tribulations. Can tribulations and sufferings be a purification for us so that we are tried and purified like gold. Can our faith be like gold that has been tested in the fire. ,(1 Peter ,1 vs 7.)

Job was an up right man. His faith was tried and tested and in the end he triumphed. (Job  23 V10.) But He knoweth the way that I take, when He has tried me I shall come forth as gold.


We pray to be branches that are pruned to bear more fruit. Some branches are pruned and discarded because of lack of productivity. Some branches are pruned so that they bring more fruit. We pray to be the latter branches because the former ones are thrown in hell fire.(John 15 Vs 1 to 2).

#The seven churches.
#B. Dube.


Monday 15 Jun


Day 1
The church in Ephesus.

The 7 stars are the angels of the 7 churches. The  golden candlesticks  symbolise the precious ness of the church as God"s most valued possession. The church must be holy. (1st Peter1 Vs 15 to 16. )
The Ephesus church was commended for its diligence and patience. They had a zeal against what was evil. As a christians we should show meekness to men but show a zeal against sin.
The church was rebuked for loss of first love. The first affections of men towards Christ are usually lively and warm , this dies down with time. They were to repent and return to the first state of love. If the advice was neglected the candle sticks were to be removed from the church. This meant that the church was to loose an opportunity to testify for Christ in it's community 

 Prayer points 

We pray for first love to be restored in us and we must compare the love we had when we proclaimed to be  the visible church of Christ and the love we have now.

We pray for candle sticks never to be removed from our church, so that we can boldly testify of Christ and win souls to the kingdom of God.

We pray for the promise of great mercy for those who overcome to be a portion of our church. The mercy being the pardoning of our sins and the purification by the blood of Christ. We also pray never to yield to our spiritual enemies but to fight the good flight till we gain victory, which will be the glorious triumph and entrance into the holy city so that like the apostle Paul we may say I have fought a good flight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith, henceforth there is laid up a crown of righteousness for me.( 2 Timothy 4 vs 7-8.)

We pray to eat of the tree of life which is in the midst of the paradise of God. This is to reign with Christ amongst God and angels in paradise. But as many as received Him to them He gave the power to become the sons of God even to them that believe in His name. (John1 Vs 12.)

We pray to become joint heirs with Christ when we depart from this world. And if children then heirs, heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ. (Romans 8 vs 17)

#The seven churches.

Saturday 13 June 



*Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the LORD your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.* - Deuteronony 31:6 


Let us pray that in this season where gross darkness has covered the earth, let us declare God"s Word to the nations as commanded. *Matthew 28:19*

Mrs Sandisiwe Seremani

Friday 12 June 



*Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.* - John14:27 


Let us pray that we receive Gods peace that surpasses all understanding in Jesus name. 


It is the peace of God within us that takes away fear. Fear is the opposite of faith. 


Let us pray that our trust be embedded in the Lord, and may our faith not be shaken during this Covid-19 period.

Mrs Sandisiwe Seremani

Thursday 11 June


*Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.* - Phillipians 4:6-7


When we are anxious, we are worried, we are  not settled in our minds. Being anxious triggers fear within us. 

Let us pray that when  we do  get anxious, we cast our burdens unto the Lord for he cares for us. 

God says in Jeremiah 33:3 *Call unto me I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things which you do not know.* 


Let us pray to God to show us great things beyond this pandemic period of Covid-19.

Mrs Sandisiwe Seremani

Wednesday 10 June 



*Say to those who are fearful-hearted, “Be strong, do not fear! Behold, your God will come with vengeance, With the recompense of God; He will come and save you.”*  Isaiah 35:4 


God says we should not get overwhelmed when we get into difficult situations because He is our helper. He will avenge and deliver us from the strong enemy. 

Pray that the Lord delivers us from all fearful situations.

Mrs Sandisiwe Seremani

Tuesday 9 June

Song Translation:

He will do as He said,
Trust Him always,
His Word is mighty,
It never changes.
Trust Him always.
His promises remain true.


*So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.* Isaiah 55:11


Pray in this season for the church. We are the church of GOD. Pray that in this season the Lord will keep the church.

Let us pray that GOD will use us as His mouthpiece, anoint our lips to declare His Word so that many would come to him, and be able to know him.

Mrs Sandisiwe Seremani

Monday 8 June 


*Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.*


God is faithful. He will do what He says He will do. His Word concerning us is Yes and Amen *2 Corinthians 1:20* 


In this season let us pray to take comfort in God's Word. He says He will hide us in His pavilion *(Psalm27:5)* 


We are hidden in Him. Let us  pray renouncing the spirit of fear over our lives in Jesus name  and pray for a spirit of sound mind

Mrs Sandisiwe Seremani

Saturday 6 Jun


End of Family Month(conclusion)

As we have touched on different parts of the family, let us look at the purpose of the family >> it  is to look after one another. 

Now brethren, what can help us  not to lose each other? Individually, we have our own strengths & weaknesses. It is vital to learn to forgive & to be patient with each other. Sometimes we fall, sometimes we even withdraw ourselves from our families. I strongly encourage you today, that it is every family member's responsibility to support one another, so that we may all receive  His crown.


Families are divided because of hurt, jealousy, conflicts etc. It could be any reasons these things happen, however, we are God's favoured family, let us be wise on our approach, watch our tounges. Let us be humble. Beside, let us know to say sorry when we wrong others. Let us love one another as God has commanded us in(Jhn13:34). 

Bretheren where there is love there is unity & happiness. Let us be a strong family that support each other regardless of disagreements. 

Finally, let us seek Him first, Him who created us in everything we do(Matt 6:33).


Prayer: Father we pray that your light may shine into the lives of our families, so that together we can draw close to you as well as to each other. Together Lord we work to fight difficulties & challenges in our daily lives. Teach us to be strong in communication & even in conflict resolutions. We are grateful to have each other Lord. Please may you bless our families with good health.        
All this I ask in Jesus's name. AMEN.



Friday 5 June 


Family as a Community.


Families expands, they grow from immediate to extended families. However in our communities we form friends &  we have neighbours who also become part of our families. One of the greatest commandment is to 'love your neighbour as yourself'(Mark 12vs30-31). The role of the community is to work together, help one another in improving themselves as well as the society. 

It is our duty to serve and win souls in our communities.   Let us not forget the devil has his own plans about our families. It is vital that we set a structure. A structure that will help us to  introduce & involve our children in the community lifestyle. Also , a structure that will set discipline and help us to learn to repay evil with blessings as written in-1Peter3:9.


Prayer: Lord we are grateful that our families are fruitful & multiplying as you have commanded. Our passion is to live in peace with one another. Partner with us Oh Lord, so that we can live in unity as a community. Root us with your word to be able to build each other with your principles. We are your children Oh Lord, we may fail & fall but we trust that you will help us to rise up on our feet. Please watch over us every day & night. We thank you for your endless love. AMEN.



Thursday 4 June


When we accept Jesus in our lives and become Christians,  God declares us righteous. We become adopted into God's family as children of God. Therefore we become sisters/brothers to our fellow believers,  meet regularly to teach each other scriptures.

However in the church there are some duties/roles that need to be carried out voluntary or by being elected for the church to function well. It is important that we know our boundaries within our roles. In  everything we do, let us have good approach, love,respect & support  is vital for our church to grow peacefully as a family(Jhn13:33-35). We are not only fruitful by bearing children, but also by serving God. Yes He said 'Multiply'(Gen1:28). Conversely, H said, ' Go  out to the highways .......,that my house may be  filled'(Luke14vs23'. We have a duty to save others as we were saved. May we do everything for His glory.


Prayer:  Father who art in heaven, we thank you for directing us to our church family.  We thank you for the leadership we have. We lift them up unto you Lord so that they don't lose direction. May You watch over us & keep us safe, so that we progress on what you want us to progress as a church. You have said in 2Chronicles 7: 14-15, that you hear our prayers. May our church be known as a house of prayer. AMEN. 



Wednesday 3 June 

We see the earth was not  created to be empty(Isaiah45:18),'Multiply & fill the earth'- Gen1:28. 
Children are seen as a blessing from  God, therefore  they should be treated with love and guided with good teachings as they grow up. Bring them to church so that they increase their relationship with God through teachings  and fellowship with others

 But what is it that is expected from them? Eph6:1 clarifies that  children obey your parents in the Lord:for this is right. Children are to obey and be good listeners to their parents. By doing so, it may go well for them & they may be blessed & live longer on earth(Eph6:3). This also well pleasing to the Lord(Col 3:20).


Children, it is a good practice and honour to appreciate your parents. Love them, spend time with them. It's ok to ask questions, check if they are alright, check if they need help and be free to ask for help & advice.


Prayer: our heavenly Father, teach our children to listen to the instructions & advise of their parents. Make them good listeners of the word and protect them from evil. Let them live according to your word and their parent's guidance so that they will be able  to lead their own children in the future.

Bless them Lord with wisdom. Fill them with love and care for one another. Father we pray for your word to be the lamp of our children, so that they may not fall into darkness. AMEN.



Tuesday 2 June

Wives are to save and love God. However in Ephesians 5:22-24, wives are reminded to submit to their husbands. By doing so it helps in teaching their children to respect & to submit to the authority above them.


It is a blessing for a family to have a mother who is a woman of prayer, God fearing & caring. Be cause her prayers will carry her household through difficult times. Titus 2vs 4-5- the Scripture illustrates that the woman's work is at home & it is a blessing to them if it carried a accordingly.  Therefore mother's works should be valued & appreciated within their families. Let us pray that we have mothers  in our families who are submissive

(Ephesians 5:22-24) & always caring for the family. Early risers & hardworking as well as being trustworthy.As the bible being the light in our path, may mothers use it in guiding & advising their families. 


Prayer: Father we pray for the mothers in our families to have the ability to create a home as a primary place of worship for their husbands & children. A place filled with love, respect,  kindness & humility. Lord give them the ability to create a homely atmosphere so that the hurt can find comfort and healing. Lord give them the ability of being  good helpers to their husbands,  in good times & in difficulties. I pray for all mothers to maintain the love within the family as you have said Oh Lord, that love is patient(1Cor13 vs 4-5)>AMEN.

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Monday 1 June 


As we come to the end of family month, I will base our weekly prayers on family. Firstly what does the bible teach us about family? His ambition for the family is that it reproduce and multiply. 

First we see in Gen1:27, how unique God created man and woman, uniting them as one flesh and urging them to multiply. Let us pray that the devil doesn't steal what God has made unique. Man's helper(Gen2:18. God brought Adam and Eve together to & established the foundation of a family. Family start with marriage which is Gods convinent. It also comes with roles and responsibilities. Therefore through out this week we will pray for the roles family mebers as they differ. Let us pray that we learn to obey each other's roles as a family. 1st- HUSBANDS/FATHERS- Col3:19 God expects man to love their wives, by doing so they are fulfilling His plan.

Prayer: Lord we thank you that you created man in your image. We pray for the fathers to seek you first in everything they do. May they stand firm in faith, courageous and strong to look after their families.  Lord give them the divine strngth to withstand the attacks of the  enemy with the help of your scriptures. Because you are faithfull my Lord, I pray that you will be the source that all fathers turn to in times of council and guidance. In their roles as fathers, teach them to love their families and to love you. Give them great patience & grace towards their children,that they might not upset or provoke them to anger. Give them opportunities to point to your truth & grace in ways they their kids can understand. Above all let them commit their work to you Oh Lord, for their plans to be established(Proverbs 16:3) AMEN.


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