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The Leeds Brethren in Christ Church is also a registered charity with the Charities Commission of England and Wales. As part of its charity obligations, the Church regularly undertakes a number of charitable events in for the youth and elderly alike. Some of the Charitable include:

  • Providing training, advocacy, health advice and education;
  • Training young people in basic key life-skills; run skills workshops and training to equip disadvantaged or vulnerable people to improve their circumstances;
  •  Raising funds to support individuals facing hardship;
  • Guidance, mentoring and role models for young people;
  • Organising and holding seminars/workshops, conferences around developmental issues.
  • Offering advice, information and guidance in education and support;
  • Providing generalist advice, information and guidance to help integration of minority communities in the UK;
  • Organising training in financial literacy and basic skills to hard-to-reach groups and communities;
  • Offering Christian counselling and advice for persons experiencing bereavement or loss;
  • Organising and holding Christian and social events bringing people of different backgrounds together;

Events or activities are generally free and open to all members of the public. Informal sessions are held after church services to offer information while from time to time activities are held on Saturdays and during the week to provide help or training.

Beneficiaries acquire skills and knowledge which improve their employability and complement their own mainstream learning.

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